Working as a studio musician has given me an insight in a variety of different recording methods. No two recording sessions are alike. For a good tuba recording you need creativeness and stubbornness.


Back in 2003 the band was formed. We where ten kids from the south of Sweden. Inspired by the traditional music of former Yugoslavia we put together a brass band, played at every wedding we could find, moved on to clubs and festivals, travelled to Serbia for inspiration and education, and finally started a night club. Over 300 gigs and a number of legendary parties later, we took it one step further by presenting Discoteka Yugostyle.

Bringing together an intense 10 man strong live act, one part jugoslavian wedding, one part yugo trance disco beats with DJ-ing, drum machines, synthesizers, visual arts and tacky decorations, this was not just a band, it was the ultimate party machine.



I have freelanced in all three professional military orchestras in Sweden. Mainly working in The Mounted Band of the Royal Guards, participating in a  broad verity of repertoire and parts. From 2nd Bb-bass at ceremonies to principal tuba in a Wagner consert programme.


Throughout the years I have worked and freelanced in a number of projects. From small singer/songwriter projects to film music and consert productions.

Arvid Lorimer

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If you need a tubaist, any tubaist, just give me a call!

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