When I was nine years old I tried a bunch of instruments to decide what I wanted to play. I tried the trumpet – no sound, the oboe – no sound and a headache, the violin - no comments, but the tuba! I had to climb a chair with two telephone catalogues on, just to reach the mouthpiece. Then I started to blow, BROUUÖÖM!!!! My head vibrated and I nearly fainted, I was hooked.

"Throughout his years here Arvid Lorimer has been positive and more than often responded to challenges with a smile."

Major Falk

Name: Arvid Lorimer

Phone: +46 - (0)738611613

Email: info@arvidlo.com


Music Teacher (grade 7-12)

RDF International School in Shenzhen

2019 - Present  

Head of Music at RDF International Highschool. Building the department from scratch with new curriculums and courses including, Music Appreciation, Orchestra and AP Music Theory. 

Brass Teacher

Hjo School of Arts and Tibro Music School


Teaching trumpet, french horn, trombone, baritone and tuba to students at the age of 6yrs to 45yrs. Also conducting and leading 2 orchestras. Apart from teaching the job included performing, arranging and composing on the behalf of the schools.

Horse Mounted Musician, Tuba

The Mounted Band of the Royal Guards

2015 – 2017

"One of three professional military bands in the Swedish Armed Forces. The band traces its ancestry back to the 1500s when King Gustav Vasa raised his first regiment of horse. Today they are one of few mounted bands in the world. The band rides at the head of the Life Guards through Stockholm when mounting the King’s Guard and the parade is considered one of Sweden's main tourist attractions." wikipedia.com

Musician, Tuba

The Royal Swedish Army Band – summer 2016

"The largest professional military band in the Swedish Armed Forces. The establishment of 53 musicians and extensive musical versatility makes it possible to perform at most occasions, ceremonies, events, conserts

and pageants. The band performs

more than 200 times yearly." wikipedia.com


Discoteca Yugostyle – 2003 to 2015

We founded Discoteca Yugostyle (Hojfen Balagan) in 2003 and we got a big breakthrough with the tune “Eagle Dangers” 2012. Inspired by traditional folk music from former Yugoslavia we developed a sound with wind instruments interlaced into modern dance/club music.

Freelance Musician

2009 –

Classical: NorrlandsOperan, The Royal Swedish Navy Band, Öresunds Brass Band, Lunds Philharmonics, Avanti

Other: Dreamers Circus, Nordisk Film, Tummel, Tobias Heilmann Band, Sofie og den lille orkester, Scraps of Tape, Suspekt



development of new pedagogic material based on scientific research of music memorisation


Throughout the years I have worked as a studio musician in a number of projects. From small singer-/songwriter projects to film music.

Arvid Lorimer

+86 - 13295014121

+46 - 738611613


If you need a tubaist, any tubaist, just give me a call!

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